Bioresearch & Veterinary Services


BVS provides full costings for new applications, and can advise on study design, specialist equipment and logistics.

Calculator & pen with spreadsheet

All grant applications which contain costs for the use of experimental animals must be ratified by our Senior Scientific Research Manager. Please note that the RSO will not be able to approve the animal component your costing without the supporting confirmation from BVS.

PI’s are asked to allow sufficient time in the grant writing process to allow BVS to construct and revise each bespoke costing. We recommend that this should be at least a week to allow for revisions and alterations of your costing.

To assist, BVS will provide a standard question sheet (please see document below) which is designed to gather essential information required to complete a bespoke spreadsheet which will breakdown all costs. BVS is subject to TRAC rules for account auditing and all associated costs are recovered on a full economic cost (fEC) basis.


Please send your outline costing request information, (ideally in the format as laid out below) to the appropriate email address below:


For Rodent costings
For Aquatics costings


A bespoke Excel spreadsheet will be prepared and returned to you be email; you will have the opportunity to ask for revisions and changes as necessary. The final agreed figures for grant submission can then be signed-off and approval sent to the ERI offices.

If you wish to have a more detailed discussion regarding cost breakdowns please contact us to arrange for a 30 minute meeting with someone from our research support team.