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Who we are, and what BVS do at the University of Edinburgh.

Current on call rota for contacting a Named Veterinary Surgeon.

Information on how to raise any concerns related to the use of animals at the University of Edinburgh

A list of frequently asked questions with answers.

Useful links and resources for those working with animals.

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Information for new and established students, researchers and principal investigators working in animal research at the University of Edinburgh.

Essential H&S information for all users of BVS facilities can be found here.

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The 3Rs are the guiding principles underpinning the humane use of animals in scientific research. BVS is committed to promoting the highest standards of animal welfare and the widest possible application of the 3Rs

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BVS facilities use the tick@lab database to manage colony animals, experimental recording and task requests.

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Information and Registration for accredited Personal Licence training courses run by the University of Edinburgh.