Biomedical Sciences

Research themes

Our research is focused around ten main themes which tackle some of the major global health challenges facing our society and addressing fundamental questions about how we work to gain a better understanding of how we can treat disease and repair our bodies.

Ageing and Degeneration

This theme is trying to understand the cause of decline in the function of neuronal networks during ageing.

Antimicrobial Resistance

This theme explores the molecular mechanisms that underpin antimicrobial resistance in facilitating microbial survival under drug and immune challenge.

Diagnostics Development

This theme is exploring novel molecular detection modalities, biomarkers and assay integration strategies

Genes and Development

This theme is investigating developmental mechanisms at molecular, genetic and cellular level.

Global Health

This theme explores the challenges of infectious diseases and the profound effects that the collapse of geographical space and increasing population growth have had on their disease epidemiology

Host Pathogen interaction to determine suseptibility

This theme is investigating host-pathogen interactions that are vital to our understanding of host biology, infectious diseases and effective therapies.

Injury and Repair

This theme is exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin cell and tissue differentiation, resilience to injury, and repair processes.

Signalling, Homeostasis and energy balance

This theme is investigating the function and regulation of organs and tissue.

Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour

This theme is studying the cellular and circuit mechanisms underpinning nervous system functions.

Systems Biology/Big data

This theme explores how Systems-type and Big Data-based approaches can be used to advance our understanding of the pathogenesis of infectious diseases.