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Research interest


Prof Till Bachmann Chair of Molecular Diagnostics and Infection

0131 242 9438

Infection Medicine Diagnostics, biosensors, and pathogen detection.
Dr Sam Booker Research Fellow        
Dr Matt Brook Academic Track Lecturer (Zhejiang)        
Prof Peter Brophy Professorial Fellow 0131 242 7981 CDBS Molecular and cell biology of axon-glia interactions in health and disease
Dr Paula Brunton ZJU Academic Track Senior Lecturer 0131 651 1507 CDBS Stress physiology


Dr Ann Clemens Simons ESAT Fellow        
Dr Stuart Cobb Reader in Neuroscience 0131 650 9858 CDBS Novel therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders
Prof Michael Cousin

Professor of Neuronal Cell Biology and Head of Pre-Clinical Research at the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre 0131 650 3259 CDBS Presynaptic cell biology


Prof Jamie Davies

Professor of Experimental Anatomy 0131 650 2999 CDBS Organ Development, Tissue Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatic support for all of the above
Dr Michael Daw

Edinburgh-Zhejiang Senior Lecturer 0131 650 3722 CDBS Developmental physiology of the Barrel Cortex
Dr Barry Denholm Senior Lecturer 0131 650 9880 CDBS Organ development and physiology
Dr Maria Doitsidou Chancellors Fellow 0131 651 1727 CDBS Degeneration of dopaminergic neurons
Dr Thamarai Dorai-Schneiders Senior Lecturer in Molecular Bacteriology 0131 242 6285 Infection Medicine Antibiotic resistance, bacteria
Prof Ian Duguid

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Cellular and Systems Neuroscience 0131 650 3113 CDBS Neural circuits and motor behaviour
Dr Claire Durrant Race against Dementia Research Fellow        
Dr Adrian Duszkiewicz Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow        


Prof Mark Evans

Professor of Cellular Pharmacology 0131 651 1501 CDBS Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling


Prof Susan Fleetwood-Walker

Professor of Sensory Neuroscience 0131 651 1696 CDBS Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia
Dr Jill Fowler Alzheimer Society Research Fellow        


Dr Jian Gan UKDRI Programme Leader (Fellow)        
Prof Tom Gillingwater

Professor of Anatomy 0131 650 3724 CDBS New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
Dr Alfredo Gonzalez Sulser Research Fellow        
Dr Sebastian Greiss Chancellors Fellow 0131 651 1727 CDBS Genetic code expansion and neural circuits


Prof Jürgen Haas  Director, Infection Medicine 0131 242 6859 Infection Medicine Genetic polymorphisms
Prof Patrick Hadoke Personal Chair of Arterial Remodelling 0131 242 6742 cvs Atherosclerosis, Angiogenesis, glucocorticoids, androgens, stem cells, imaging.
Dr Andrew Hall Reader 0131 650 3263 CDBS Chondrocytes, cartilage and osteoarthritis
Prof Giles Hardingham

Professor of Molecular Neurobiology 0131 650 7961 CDBS Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS
Prof Karen Horsburgh Personal Chair of Neuroscience 0131 242 6216 CDBS Influence of vascular dysfunction on cognitive decline:relevant to ageing, vascular and Alzheimers disease


Dr Mandy Jackson

Senior Lecturer 0131 650 7518 CDBS Purkinje cell dysfunction and degeneration
Prof Andrew Jarman

Professor of Developmental Cell Biology 0131 650 3737 CDBS Developmental control of sensory neurogenesis and ciliogenesis


Prof Peter Kind Director, Patrick Wild Centre and Director, Simons Initiative  for the Developing Brain 0131 651 1762 CDBS Disorders of brain development


Dr Paul Le Tissier Senior Lecturer 0131 650 3107 CDBS Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland
Dr Dawn Livingstone

Senior Lecturer 0131 650 9880 CDBS Steroid hormone signalling
Prof David Lyons Professor of Neurobiology 0131 242 7978 CDBS Mechanisms of myelinated axon formation, function and repair
Dr Gedi Luksys Academic Track Lecturer (Zhejiang)        
Prof Mike Ludwig

Professor of Neurophysiology 0131 650 3275 CDBS Neuropeptides and their effects on behaviour


Dr Sutherland Maciver

Reader 0131 650 3714 CDBS The protein Actin and the biology of amoebae
Prof John Mason Personal Chair of Molecular Neural Development 0131 650 6820 CDBS Embryonic development of the forebrain
Dr Barry McColl Senior Research Fellow        
Dr Victoria McCulloch Lecturer in Anatomy        
Prof Dies Meijer Professor of Cellular Neurobiology 0131 242 6238 CDBS Molecular genetics of myelination and synapse formation
Dr John Menzies ZJU UG Programme Director 0131 651 1711 CDBS Appetite control and food choice
Dr Rory Mitchell

Senior Lecturer 0131 650 3550 CDBS Receptor-mediated signal transduction
Prof Richard Morris Professor of Neuroscience 0131 650 3520 CDBS Neurobiology of learning and memory
Dr Joanne Murray

Senior Lecturer (Zhejiang) 0131 651 1711 CDBS Growth and development of the ovarian follicle
Dr Lyndsay Murray

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy 0131 651 5985 CDBS Degeneration of motor neurons


Prof Matthew Nolan Professor of Neural Circuits and Computation 0131 650 9874 CDBS Neural circuits and computation


Dr Laura O'Hara Academic Track Lecturer (Zhejiang) 0131 651 1507 CDBS Sex steroid receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary
Dr Emily Osterweil Chancellors Fellow 0131 650 3722 CDBS mRNA translation and synaptic connections


Dr Jennifer Paxton

Lecturer in Anatomy 0131 651 5250 CDBS Musculoskeletal tissue engineering
Dr Guisy Pennetta Lecturer 0131 651 3201 CDBS Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases
Dr Kim Picozzi Director of Postgraduate Teaching 0131 242 9376 Infection Medicine Global health, infectious diseases, molecular epidemiology, neglected zoonotic diseases
Dr Tom Pratt Senior Lecturer 0131 650 3732 CDBS Roles of carbohydrates in the developing brain
Prof David Price

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology 0131 650 3262 CDBS How brains are made


Dr Nathalie Rochefort Chancellors Fellow 0131 650 3113 CDBS Neural processing of visual information
Dr Nicola Romano ZJU Academic Track lecturer 0131 651 1711 CDBS Single cell information processing in the pituitary


Dr Mariela Scortti Senior Research Fellow 0131 651 3624 Infection Medicine Molecular determinants of bacterial virulence
Prof Mike Shipston Dean, Biomedical Sciences and Professor of Physiology 0131 650 3253 CDBS Ion channel physiology
Dr Dirk Sieger Chancellors’s Fellow 0131 242 6161 CDBS

Microglia-tumour interactions

Dr Martin Simmen Lecturer 0131 651 1773 CDBS

Computational modelling of nucleosome positions

Dr Paul Skehel Senior lecturer 0131 651 1961 CDBS Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Dr Richard Sloan ZJU Academic Track Lecturer 0131 242 6281 Infection Medicine Interferon induced transmembrane proteins, HIV, retroviruses
Dr Karen Smillie Lecturer 0131 651 1506 CDBS Signalling, neurones & networks
Prof Norah Spears

Professor of Reproductive Physiology 0131 650 3267 CDBS

Female reproductive development

Prof Tara Spires-Jones Deputy Director, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences 0131 651 1895 CDBS  Degenerative brain diseases and ageing
Dr Melanie Stefan

Edinburgh-Zhejiang Lecturer 0131 651 1711 CDBS Understanding of learning and memory


Dr Simon Talbot

Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer 0131 242 6282 Infection Medicine Antibodies, chimeric T-cell receptors
Prof Evelyn Telfer   CDBS Follicle and oocyte development
Dr Thomas Theil

Reader 0131 650 3721 CDBS

Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain

Dr Carole Torsney

Senior Lecturer
0131 650 9881 CDBS Somatosensory plasticity


Dr Sander Van Den Driesche Edinburgh-Zhejiang Lecturer 0131 650 3112 CDBS Male reproductive health and disorders
Prof Jose Vazquez-Boland Chair of Infectious Diseases 0131 242 6288 Infection Medicine Infection biology of bacterial intracellular pathogens


Prof Sue Welburn Executive Dean, ZJU-UoE Institute and Professor of Medical and Veterinary Molecular Epidemiology 0131 650 6457 Infection Medicine Parasites, human sleeping sickness
Dr Emma Wood Reader 0131 650 3531 CDBS Memory and space
Prof David Wyllie

Director of CDBS and Professor of Ion Channel Physiology and Pharmacology 0131 650 4564 CDBS Physiology and pharmacology of ion channels


Dr Rob Young Academic Track Lecturer (Zhejiang)