Biomedical Sciences

Alexandra Skouteli

Alexandra Skouteli talks about discovering a global, supportive online community, and the value this programme brings to her practice communicating environmental sustainability in her every day work.


(Caption: Why did you choose to study this programme?)

Alexandra: The special thing about this programme was that it was specialised actually, because while I was browsing through other programmes they were all more generic, more vague. This was really targeted, you had the sense of what you were going to do afterwards. Just from reading out the courses that you would do, you could understand how you could incorporate them in your daily life.

(Caption: Would you recommend this programme?)

Alexandra: I would definitely recommend this programme. It was one of the best experiences of my life, it gave me the opportunity to actually learn more about what I love doing and to be able to pass the knowledge on to others as well.

(Caption: How are you benefitting from your programme?)

Alexandra: I'm actually working for an environmentally sustainable resort back home in Greece and I'll be able to incorporate what I've learned throughout the three years by getting more involved in the environmental programmes that we are doing at the moment and educating the guests that come and let them know what we do here and why and hopefully others will learn and it will be better for everyone.

(Caption: What did you like best about your programme?)

Alexandra: Well, even though it was online, for me the best experience was that I emailed people from all over the world and we shared experiences and we helped each other through it. And in time I will be able to incorporate it into my daily life - soon.

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