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Emmanuel Isingoma (MSc IAH, 2018 Winter Graduation)

How the International Animal Health programme helped Emmanuel Isingoma develop as a government veterinarian in Uganda.

Emmanuel bleeds a sheep in a remote Ugandan village

Considering my busy schedules in remote upcountry areas of Uganda, when I felt that I needed to pursue further studies I spent some time trying to think through clearly how I would manage while I continued with the daily routines of my job. I was by then in-charge of a regional veterinary diagnostic laboratory in the north eastern part of Uganda. The IAH MSc online programme was recommended to me by three colleagues who had done it. I went online and when I saw the programme content and how it is delivered, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I thought it was just tailor-made for me: in terms of content it was just fit for my career; the flexibility and the methods of delivery were excellent.

Based on my own experiences there is not a better MSc programme at the moment for an animal health expert, irrespective of one’s type of work in animal health. The course materials are alive and world-class in every aspect.

This MSc programme brings out and builds strongly on the principles of biology, immunology, pathology and epidemiology while clearly demonstrating the social and economic impacts of animal diseases locally and globally and, the final product is a properly moulded person with the confidence to participate in finding practical solutions to local and global health challenges.

The programme has actually formed me into a complete person with self study skills; analytical, reading and writing skills; a good time manager and my confidence is enormous, I feel good. It makes one competent in whatever someone sets out to do, you learn to find solutions.

As a government veterinarian, the program helped me understand animal health within the global perspective; I can articulate with ease global animal health issues and regulations and, how these affect international relations and trade.

The conclusion of the programme came with a promotion for me to Senior Veterinary Officer in the Disease Control division at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries in Uganda. IAH has been the game changer for me. I have actually continued with similar study methods for myself in my daily life, it is so empowering and I am now motivated to pursue a PhD programme.

The first programme I would recommend to any veterinary graduate is International Animal Health.

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