Biomedical Sciences

Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson tells us how opportunities to interact with vets, lab workers and animal health specialists worldwide enhances her practice as a veterinary surgeon.

A photo of Caroline Robinson in a lab

I am a veterinary surgeon and am particularly involved in disease surveillance. As our climate, environment and transboundary trade are all changing, new risks and opportunities are created which as a profession we need to be in a position to work on effectively.

I loved the opportunity to interact regularly with vets, lab workers and animal health specialists worldwide. Due to the online nature of the programme, my colleagues came from a variety of countries, from every inhabited continent. The online learning programme was excellent, and the flexibility really allowed my studies to fit around my work and home life, but the opportunity to hear directly from an international cohort the unique problems and everyday procedures involved in animal health work in their countries was absolutely invaluable.

I would recommend the format of a part-time online degree to any other busy vets or animal health professionals due to the ability to tailor your study to fit around other commitments. I would also recommend this programme for the opportunity to hear different perspectives from colleagues of many different backgrounds, both professional and geographical.

I think people imagine that online study will involve less interaction with classmates and tutors than regular study, but I have found the opposite – I have got far more value from the interpersonal learning than I imagined when I started the course. Finally, the more formal course content was of high quality and covered my major areas of interest, which was the main attraction to me initially, but the ability to choose modules later in the programme allowed me further opportunities to design the Master’s degree to suit my own needs.