MSc in International Animal Health

Intermittent study

For students who would prefer a more flexible approach to their studies, the intermittent study option may be preferable; in this case you have up to 2, 4 and 6 years to complete the certificate, diploma or MSc stages of the programme.

The standard programme structure is still maintained in terms of the progression requirement. However, you can tailor your education to fit more closely with commitments in both your private and professional life. If you choose to study this programme on a part-time intermittent basis, you also pay your tuition fees on a course-by-course basis rather than paying for the entire programme at the outset.


Students will be required to complete the core modules within a one to two year period in order to be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in International Animal Health.


A Diploma in International Animal Health will be awarded for between two and four years of study and the accumulation of 120 credits. Assessment in the first and second year will be based upon written and online assessment.


For students to be awarded an MSc in International Animal Health, they will have successfully completed the certificate and diploma stage with the accumulation of 120 credits before the production of a Dissertation worth 60 credits in the third year of this programme.

The Written reflective element itself is a written assignment of 10,000-15,000 words. The University of Edinburgh's postgraduate common marking scheme will be used.

Full Intermittent study programme details

Details of the courses currently available on the Intermittent study programme can be found in full on the University's Degree Programme Table website.

Degree Programme Table: International Animal Health (Online Distance Learning) (ICL) (MSc) (Part-time Intermittent) (PTMSCINTAH1U)