MSc in International Animal Health

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Tuition Fees

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Fee information per study option is detailed on the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Study Degree Finder.

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Fee rates and increases

Both home and overseas students will pay this same flat fee. The 2019-20 fee rates applied to all students who commenced a new year or other period of study on or after 1 August 2019.

Fees are subject to annual revision and are typically increased by approximately 5% per annum.

Students on programmes of study of more than one year should be aware that tuition fees increase every year. This annual increase should be taken into account when you are applying for a programme.

Payment of tuition fees

Payment of tuition fees is dealt with by the Finance Department; details of how payment can be made can be found at their website:

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Discussing your payments

If you need to discuss payment of fees you can reach the University of Edinburgh's Income Section, which deals with tuition fees, on +44 (0) 0131 650 9214 or email them at

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