MSc by Research in Integrative Neuroscience

Semester One - Taught

The first semester is the 'taught' component comprising lectures on many different areas of neuroscience, specialist electives, and generic skills training.

Themed weeks

Our series of themed lectures aim to familiarise you with the various areas of Edinburgh Neuroscience and the work done in the various research centres around Edinburgh.

Programme themes

Elective courses

You will have the opportunity to choose one of five elective courses, allowing you to specialise in a particular area of interest.

Elective course availability will be subject to student numbers. While every attempt will be made to allocate you to your preferred elective course choices, where demand is high, we cannot guarantee this. You should check course details for timetabling information and location as courses are taught at a number of sites across the University.

Elective courses currently on offer

Core Skills and Transkills 

To help you gain a range of skills you can apply in many areas, you will develop core skills including data analysis and statistics. 

You will complete ScotPIL Home Office Licence Training. For many of you, holding a licence will be legally necessary for you to work on your projects.

The training is provided by Bioresearch & Veterinary Services at the University of Edinburgh and involves an assessment.

You will also have the opportunity to take Transkills courses, run by the Institute for Academic Development (IAD), such as Project Planning and Ethics, Writing Up Science. 


During Semester 1, you will have:  

  • Elective Assessments:  held up until the end of the semester 1 examination period. 

Review of Neuroscience assessments: 

  • Group poster and presentation based on a paper relevant to one of the themed weeks which will be assessed during a compulsory  programme trip to the University of Edinburgh Firbush outdoor centre mid-semester.  
  • News and Views article and Lay summary based on a paper relevant to one of the themed weeks (preparation starts Semester 1 and assessment submitted early Semester 2).


Semester 2

Semester 2 - Research Project 1

Degree Programme Table: Integrative Neuroscience (MSc by Research) (Full-time)

For full details of what each course entails, please visit the Degree Programme Table.

Degree Programme Table: Integrative Neuroscience (MSc by Research) (Full-time)