MSc by Research in Integrative Neuroscience

Comments from graduates

Testimonials by graduates of the MSc by Research Integrative Neuroscience programme.

Emma Green
This Integrative Neuroscience MScR has been a highly enjoyable experience in an amazing city with some of the best researchers. The taught element gives an overview of everything neuroscience has to offer and is followed by 6 months of research, so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of a research scientist. It has given me new skills and experiences I will take forward for my future career and has confirmed my passion for research. I would highly recommend this course and it has helped me to gain a PhD studentship for the coming year.

Emma GreenCurrent student


I chose this particular programme because of the combined advantage of having taught courses which expand general knowledge of neuroscience while also making use of a research project in some of the wonderful laboratories at Edinburgh. And this course absolutely delivered everything that is promised. During the taught portion I was exposed to some of the incredible, cutting-edge research at the university that I may not otherwise have been interested in delving into. While my time spent during my project exposed me to so many vast techniques I had not even thought I would manage to learn within the short amount of time I was there. This programme convinced me that research truly is my passion and I am now continuing on to do a PhD because of it.   

Klaudia Jasionowska2018 graduate

Older testimonials

The MSc in Integrative Neuroscience provides a fantastic opportunity to see what being a research scientist entails and to become a part of the highly reputable neuroscience community at Edinburgh Uni. I performed experiments both independently and as part of a team, and I was thrilled to discover that some of my work was included in a journal article manuscript prepared by our group. The assessments for the programme are varied, providing a solid foundation for a PhD -- but there is support available should you run into any difficulties. Thanks to this course, I have now obtained a scholarship for an exciting doctoral training programme.

Kalina Boytcheva, 2014/2015MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student

Edinburgh Neuroscience is a vibrant and extensive community of leading researchers. Being a part of this community through the MSc course allowed me to find a project that I was really excited about, which also led to a PhD offer. I would highly recommend this programme.

Alessandra Dillenburg Scur, 2014/15MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student

Undertaking this MSc Integrative Neuroscience programme at Edinburgh was an extremely rewarding experience. The broad but comprehensive structure of this programme provides for a strong introduction into neuroscience research. Focused, but similarly flexible, this programme offers limitless opportunities to work under expert researchers of their respective fields in top-class laboratories. In my opinion, this one-year programme is an excellent opportunity to better understand the subject and a gateway to further specialization into neuroscience research.

Kelda Chia, 2013/14MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student

This programme provided me with a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to specialise within my field of interest. The wide variety of topics allows for a comprehensive overview into Neuroscientific research. As well as providing an excellent programme structure, the city of Edinburgh hosts a vast amount of talks hosted by world-leading researchers within their field who are friendly and happy to talk to you personally about their research. In my opinion, I greatly enjoyed the overall experience that the programme and the city as a whole gave me and it is a great opportunity for anyone who is considering to pursue a career within research.

Shaakir Salam, 2013/14MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student

The taught component of the programme was really good as we got to know neuroscience from different aspects. Both research projects, in my opinion, were excellent. Even though it was very tough, I did enjoy every moment of it. I think, compared to my undergrad, this one year degree had given me a lot more valuable skills. Also, my supervisors from both projects have been very helpful, patient and very very supportive. Lastly, I'm grateful for the fact that we got to visit FENS in Milan. Apparently, each day at the conference there was a poster session for the area I'm interested in (chronic pain). So yes this conference has broadened my knowledge about chronic pain and made me get to know other people in the field. Thanks so much for organizing this programme and also running some Q&A sessions for the research projects assessment.

Veny Lukito, 2013/14MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student

Eleni Amaniti
As a qualified veterinary surgeon I chose the MSc in Neuroscience by Research at the University of Edinburgh in order to extend my knowledge in the field. The programme exceeded my expectations as I obtained a strong background from various researchers in different laboratories, who familiarized us with all aspects of neuroscience. Moreover, my practical skills were enhanced by conducting my research project in a state-of-the-art lab of my choice. The exciting opportunity to attend FENS during the summer allowed us time to gather invaluable experience on how demanding high-prestige conference are, and enabled us to socialize in a more relaxed environment and focus on science.

Eleni Amaniti, 2009/10MSc Integrative Neuroscience by Research student