MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)


Jess Williams, Hamish Runciman and Ioannis Kafetzopolous describe the excitement of working in a laboratory-based environment to gain real experience of the research world.


Jess Williams: I really enjoyed how we got to spend the whole time in the lab and it was a really good way to do lots of different things so you could - we did two projects - so you could research in completely different areas and learn lots of different techniques so it was a really good opportunity to get insight into the research world.

Hamish Runciman: The reason I would recommend the programme is because it's purely research. It's two projects of 20 weeks intense research so it's really good to get your hands dirty and really get to grips with what you would be doing if you were going into a career in research. So that's absolutely why I wanted to do it.

Ioannis Kafetzopolous: What I really enjoyed about my programme was, because it was a Masters by Research,is that it provided me with the opportunity to do two big projects in specific laboratories and it lasted for 20 weeks, while most programmes don't offer that. It was really interesting to be in the lab full time for a period which lasted for 20 weeks while most other programmes offered, like, 12 weeks.So that really helped me to continue and see if what I'm doing is what I like.