MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

Student testimonial: Nithya Nair

The best part about our programme is that it is completely research oriented, which gives us a picture of how a career in Biomedical Sciences would be.

A photo of Nithya Nair, Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

I had no previous research experience; however, both my lab supervisors and the school helped me learn the basic essentials and built a strong base, along with my projects.

This programme is designed in such a way that it builds your skills and techniques, beneficial for both an academic or an industrial career, irrespective of your background. It also gives you the valuable experience of meeting and interacting with various renowned scientists from across the biomedical sector.It gives us opportunities to explore the various branches of Biomedical Sciences and helps us to decide which one would be the most appropriate for our future career.

I was pretty much confused if I should go for a career in academics or industrial work. This programme gave me the chance to work with two projects, one which related more to an academic lab-based environment and the second one was based on clinical research and had an industrial environment. This helped me to decide which one would work the best for me along with building my skills for both academic and industrial careers.