MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

Archive: older testimonials

Read our short interviews with students from previous years.

Ines Amorim (2011/12)

Ines found the lab experience she gained on the MSc Biomedical Sciences essential for her continuation to a PhD.

Wai Kit Chan (2011/12)

Wai Kit found the research experience in different fields helped in his decision to pursue a PhD in developmental neuroscience.

Deepti Chichula (2011/12)

Deepti's experience on the MSc Biomedical Sciences has inspired her to pursue a PhD in cancer biology.

Julia Chu (2012/13)

Studying the MSc by Research Biomedical Sciences affirmed Julia's wish to pursue a career in scientific research.

Elin Gwyn

Elin gained a range of techniques through group work and working independently, she plans to further these skills by doing a PHD or pursuing a career in teaching.

Selene Jarrett (2012/13)

The MSc programme provided Selene with valuable academic writing and communication skills which inspired her to pursue a career in publishing, as a medical writer.

Megan Swim (2012/13)

The MSc Biomedical programme teaches a wide range of techniques providing Megan with more than one career path.

Vandana Yadav (2014/15)

Vandana found learning to write about research was as invaluable as learning about the science itself.

Manu Verma (2011/12)

Manu felt that the MSc Biomedical Sciences gave him a head start in his research career and has now progressed to a PhD.

Hao Zhang (2012/13)

Undertaking real scientific research within the MSc programme has inspired Hao to pursue a PhD in proteomics/mass spectrometry.