MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

Student testimonials

Graduates from the MSc Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) programme tell us about their experience of the programme.

Student testimonial: Nithya Nair

A photo of Nithya Nair, Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)
The best part about our programme is that it is completely research oriented, which gives us a picture of how a career in Biomedical Sciences would be.

Graduation 2018

Eleftheria Parasyraki film still
Eleftheria Parasyraki describes how the research environment of the MScR in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) prepared her for her upcoming career.

Edinburgh the city

Hamish Runciman describes his experience of the MScR Biomedical Sciences programme
Graduates Hamish Runciman, Jess Williams, and Ioannis Kafetzopolous describe sharing a vibrant community with inspiring people in a perfectly sized festival city.


A still image of a film with MScR Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) graduate Jess Williams
Jess Williams, Hamish Runciman and Ioannis Kafetzopolous describe the excitement of working in a laboratory-based environment to gain real experience of the research world.

What I wish I had known!

A photo of Kumar Uddipto, MScR Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) graduate.
Recent graduate Kumar Uddipto shares his advice on what he wishes he had known before he started his studies with us.

Archive: older testimonials

Reading party at Firbush 2015
Read our short interviews with students from previous years.