MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

Research project two

You will undertake a research project, lasting 20 weeks, connected to the second research theme.

Project 2 plan

In early March you will prepare a detailed project plan, in consultation with your chosen supervisor, for the second research project. The project plan outlines the work proposed for the second research project and is written in the style of a grant application. It should not exceed 5,000 words.

This contributes 20 credits (about 10%) to the overall MSc final mark.

Research dissertation/paper

You will then undertake the research project proposed in your project plan. Lasting 20 weeks, this is connected to the second research theme.

In mid-August you will write up this research in the form of a research dissertation/paper which should not exceed 10,000 words.

This research dissertation/paper contributes 80 credits (or about 45%) to the MSc final mark.


Each assignment will be marked by two independent academic markers. Their marks will count for 45% of the total for Project 2. Supervisors will assess laboratory performance which will contribute towards 10% of the Project 2 mark.

Research project one