MSc in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health

Programme course components

The programme is delivered using innovative online learning. It involves a mixed teaching approach that includes independent study and reflection, as well as online discussion and group project work.


Year 1: Certificate

You study the following areas:

Course Dates

Credit Points

Evolution and Biodiversity [BIME11033] Sept - Dec 2021 20
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability [BIME11032] Jan - Mar 2022 20

Environmental Ethics and Governance [BIME11157]

Apr - Jun 2022


Year 2: Diploma

You choose six elective courses from the following:  

Course Dates

Credit Points

Behavioural Flexibility [BIME11160]

Climate Change: Policy and Practice [BIME11027]

Connecting Environment and Society [BIME11141]

Conservation and Conflict [BIME11145]

Conservation Genetics [BIME11025]

Conservation Psychology [BIME1130]

Ecosystem Resilience and Extreme Events [BIME11137]

Understanding Environmental Law [BIME11147]

Innovative Approaches to Health Challenges Across Disciplines [VESC11224]

Introduction to Transboundary Diseases and their impact on trade and wildlife populations [INAH11024]

Introduction to GIS and Spatial Data Analysis [INAH11017]

Introduction to Wildlife Forensics [VESC11176]

Invasive Non-native Species [BIME11012]

Land Use and Food Security [BIME11011]

Managing and Leading Conservation Projects [VESC11079]

Reflections on Professional Development [BIME11136]

Species Translocations [BIME11158]

The Marine Environment [BIME11020]

The Modern Zoo [BIME11019]

The Use of Artificial Reproduction Technology (ARTs) in Threatened Species [BIME11018]

Water and Sanitation [EMND11021]

Wildlife, Animal Health and the Environment [INAH11008]

Wildlife Trade [BIME11148]

Zoonotic Disease [INAH11004]

Elective courses are subject to minimum student numbers and timetabling restrictions.

2 courses Sep - Dec 2021

2 courses Jan - Mar 2022



Year 3: Masters

You complete your own choice of dissertation of 10,000-15,000 words.  

Course dates

Credit points

Written reflective element (10-15,000 words) [BIME11016] Sep 2021 - Jun 2022 60

Study commitments