Biomedical Sciences

Dr Louise Beveridge, Teaching Fellow

Louise tells us about her fieldwork across the world and her position as a teaching fellow.

I started out on a BSc in Ecological Sciences here at the University of Edinburgh, then after an interlude of fieldwork in the arctic and tropics, took on a PhD at the University of Leeds. I worked with the Sustainability Research Institute, the Priestley International Centre for Climate and CGIAR to study the role of drought as a driver of food insecurity experiences in rural Guatemala. Through the course of the PhD I started to adopt a more social critical perspective and developed an interest in socio-ecological systems approaches. I recently also started working as a contributing author on the next UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, writing about systemic climate risk.

I took up the position as a teaching fellow on the MSc Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health in June 2020. This allowed me to move back up to the Scottish Highland where I happily spend most of my free time climbing and walking.