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Investigating the Impossible: Paranormal communication

Dreaming about unpredictable future events. Knowing who is calling before you answer the phone. Impulsively cancelling a trip on a train that later crashes. According to surveys, about 25% of the population report paranormal experiences.

If you have not yourself experienced a seemingly paranormal phenomenon, you probably know someone who has. What lies behind these experiences?

Join Professor Caroline Watt, holder of the UK’s only Chair in parapsychology, to discover how parapsychologists investigate claimed paranormal communication. From investigating spontaneous precognitive experiences to controlled laboratory research examining whether people have telepathic abilities, discover the challenges and unexpected scientific rewards of investigating the impossible.

Oct 01 2019 -

Investigating the Impossible: Paranormal communication

Professor Caroline Watt, Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.