Biomedical Sciences

How speech is optimised for efficient communication

Speech and its derivative, writing, play a crucial role in virtually all collective human endeavor, and arguably speech is our most highly developed and intricate skill. 

Professor Alice Turk, Professor of Linguistic Phonetics at the University of Edinburgh, will discuss specific ways that speech is optimised for efficient communication:

1) speech production borrows anatomical structures and mechanisms from breathing and feeding,

2) each speech sound that these structures produce simultaneously signals multiple types of information: lexical, structural, social, indexical, and emotional, and

3) utterances are produced to be maximally intelligible with minimum time and effort.

Sep 24 2019 -

How speech is optimised for efficient communication

Professor Alice Turk, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

G.03, 50 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LH