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Communicating with Light in a Connected World

Life without internet connectivity is almost unimaginable in today’s world. It is almost a fundamental human right to have WiFi everywhere, anytime and at all times.

There are about 23 billion objects connected to the internet presently. And with the emerging internet-of-things, when every –‘thing’ and all–‘things’ are interconnected, this number is forecast to grow to 100 billion by 2020. The wireless connectivity is made possible with the help of the electromagnetic wave resource.

This resource is finite and limited. So, do we have enough of it to accommodate/sustain our burgeoning quest for wireless connectivity? What happens to individual user experience, speed and quality of connectivity as more and more devices are connected?

Join Dr Popoola as he discusses pioneering research in ‘communicating with light in a connected world’. Find out why and how the lamp sitting in the ceiling of your room is no longer just a passive light source but a gateway to faster and ubiquitous for wireless connectivity.

Oct 22 2019 -

Communicating with Light in a Connected World

Dr Wasiu Popoola, School of Engineering