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Our Changing World lecture series

A series of public lectures examining global challenges facing society, and the role of academia in meeting these challenges.

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This year’s Our Changing World public lecture series focuses on the theme of “boundaries”. What boundaries exist in our world, and why is it important that we cross them?

With individual lectures focusing on everything from religion and violence to sustainability, mental disorder, immigration and sleep, anyone is welcome to attend and hear from leading academics in their field discussing their research in a simple yet engaging way.

Our Changing World Lectures

About Our Changing World

The annual Our Changing World Lectures are organised by Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences and the Department of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

A credit-bearing interdisciplinary course based on the Lectures is offered to all students at the University, where global challenges are further explored in facilitated group discussions and project work. Lecture videos are freely available on youtube and iTunesU and are a valuable resource for taught courses and MOOCs at Edinburgh University and elsewhere.

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Since 2010 eminent Our Changing World lecturers have discussed a wide range of topics from climate change, infectious diseases, stem cells and medicine, to free trade and human rights.

Our video playlist shows all previous lectures in the Our Changing World series, spanning from 2010 to the present.

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