Biomedical Sciences

Thomas Dalhuisen (Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences)

Thomas Dalhuisen talks Dutch bluntness, travelling the UK as a trip volunteer, and finding his Biomedical passion.

Thomas Dalhuisen

Why did you choose Edinburgh?

I decided to study in Edinburgh for many reasons. First of all, The University of Edinburgh is world-renowned for its excellent teaching, research and international outlook. I visited the Post Offer Visit Day and I was impressed by the opportunities the University has to offer. Moreover, I liked the atmosphere in and around the University, which made me decide that Edinburgh is an excellent place for me to pursue my studies. The city itself is great as Edinburgh has the allure of a real capital city, whereas at the same time the city is not too big.

What's the wierdest thing you've ever eaten in Edinburgh?

Haggis on a burger; it wasn’t my favourite.

Tell us about culture shock. What does it mean, and how do you beat it?

I did not really experience a culture shock as The Netherlands is culturally not as different from the UK. A minor thing I had to get used to is British politeness. The Dutch are known to be very direct and my remarks were sometimes interpreted differently than I intended them to be. Fortunately, I got used to this and now I try to be more nuanced.

What's next for your studies?

I just finished my first year and I still have a long way to go. This year helped me to get used to University life and the Biomedical Sciences programme taught me to appreciate the vast number of research areas in the Biomedical Sciences. My goal for next year is to find out where my passions are and which honours programme will fit me the best.

Have you joined any University groups?

I joined the International Student Centre here at Edinburgh as a trip volunteer. I was responsible, together with a team of other volunteers, for organising student trips in Scotland and England. I greatly enjoyed my time as a trips volunteer as it was a great chance for me to explore the UK. Next year, I’ll be in the core committee of the International Student Centre as the trips coordinator and this will enable me to not only develop my transferable skills, but also to explore the UK even better and more often.

Tell us about your happiest memory in Edinburgh

My happiest memories are with the great people I have met and the great friends I have made during my first year. People here are very kind, open and supportive which made my time in Edinburgh so much better.

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