Biomedical Sciences

International student profiles

In this series, our international students talk culture shock, weird food and finding their biomedical passion in Edinburgh.

Our international students mean the world to us. Read about their experiences studying here, or tell us about yourself by sending us your profile.

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Jana Finzgar (Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biology) Hons)

Jumping students
In the first of our International student profiles, Jana Finzgar tells us about haggis, how to beat culture shock, and Edinburgh funk.

Thomas Dalhuisen (Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences)

Thomas Dalhuisen portrait
Thomas Dalhuisen talks Dutch bluntness, travelling the UK as a trip volunteer, and finding his Biomedical passion.

Pornnapha Montrikittiphant (BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences with Management (Medical Biology))

Pornnapha Montrikittiphant
Pornnapha Montrikittiphant tells us about dancing hip-hop, her Thai roots, and her new habit of always carrying an umbrella...

Susanne Olsrud Hotvedt (MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement)

Susanne Olsrud Hotvedt talks vinegary chips, hillwalking, and University bees.

Lynda-Marie Taurasi (MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement)

Lynda-Marie Taurasi exhibiting photos from Ghana
Lynda-Marie's work capturing the experience of nurse anaesthetists in Ghana has led to her being offered a University of Edinburgh Entrepreneur visa.