Biomedical Sciences

Alasdair Moffett, MSc International Animal Health (2018)

Alasdair talks about gaining an understanding of global issues and applying it to his everyday practice as a vet.


(Caption: Why did you choose this programme?)

Alasdair Moffett: I spent about two or three years researching what I would like to do. I knew I wanted to do some further studying, but I needed to find something that was going to fit beside working full time as a vet. I wanted to broaden my horizons beyond cattle medicine in the UK. So International Animal Health absolutely fitted that.

(Caption: What did you like best about your programme?)

Alasdair: The most rewarding aspect is being able to look at a bigger picture. A vetinary degree is very focused on a specific type of work, quite a narrow framework without possibly a lot of time to think about the bigger picture in global issues.So being able to apply my knowledge of work as a vet in the UK and apply that to a worldwide picture was - I absolutely loved it.

(Caption: How are you benefitting from your programme?)

Alasdair: It's taught me how to conduct research more - from a practical job to then being able to apply that in the research sphere, and it's probably taught me about more possibilities and more potentials that I can then apply to my everyday job and make my everyday job more rewarding.

(Caption: Would you recommend this programme?)

Alasdair: Yeah. Being able to get an understanding of the bigger picture, understanding global animal diseases, and particularly their relevance, their zoonotic relevance, I would certainly highly recommend it and already have, and have friends who have completed and are very much enjoying it.