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The Matter of Facts - New book by Prof Gareth Leng

Congratulations to Professor Gareth Leng (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and his son Dr Rhodri Leng (School of Social Sciences) who have published a new book which explores how scientists produce and use evidence.

Book cover for 'The Matter of Facts' by Prof Gareth Leng

In a series of essays focusing on controversies, disputes, and discoveries, the authors vividly portray science as a human activity, driven by passion as well as by reason. By analyzing the fluidity of scientific concepts and the dynamic and unpredictable development of scientific fields, the authors paint a picture of modern science and the pressures it faces.

The publishers, MIT Press, are promoting this as a “popular” academic book. 

Prof Leng and Dr Leng are lined up to give a Google Talk in April as well as radio interviews in 2020.

Further information

View The Matter of Facts book on the MITPress page