Biomedical Sciences


Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021

Congratulations to all nominees and winners in Biomedical Sciences who were recognised for their outstanding contributions and to celebrate the vital role postdocs play across the College.

The CMVM Postdoc Awards began in 2020 as a collaborative effort across the CMVM postdoctoral societies to highlight postdocs making outstanding contributions outside of their research. 

Our congratulations to the following winners from George Square and Bioquarter:


Dr Brianna Vandrey 

Public Engagement (George Square)

Dr Manuela Marescotti

Public Engagement (Bioquarter)

Dr Sam Griffiths

Student Supervision & Support

Dr Anjie Harris


Well done to all our winners and to all who were nominated.  The past year has been challenging and the post-doc community has shown fantastic resilience throughout – please accept our deep appreciation.

Prof David Wyllie, Director, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences