Biomedical Sciences

New Chancellor's Fellows 2024

Congratulations and welcome to Dr Mahesh Karnani who joins BMS/CDBS as a 2024 Chancellor’s Fellow – one of the University's most prestigious fellowships.

About the Fellowships

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The Chancellor’s Fellowships have been awarded at the University since 2014 and aim to enable promising academics to progress their careers and to carry out pioneering work. The appointments have been enabled through an increase in the University’s Scottish Funding Council, following the University’s strong REF2021 results.

The Fellows will be on a clear pathway to building an excellent track record of research, innovation and/or impact. They will complement and extend research and innovation within the University and forge exciting new areas of focus. They will have a vision for future leadership in research and innovation, which may involve leading a major area of research, forging new industry partnerships, driving initiatives to strengthen our inclusive research culture, or research-led teaching innovations. The scheme builds in a focus on research and innovation in the first few years; over time, Fellows will take up the full range of core academic activities, including teaching. 

Understanding eating disorders

The growing obesity epidemic and eating disorders like anorexia could be understood and addressed better if we knew how the brain controls feeding. Mahesh will study how forebrain regions are implicated in anorexia, like the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, control feeding through synaptic communication during meals. He uses cellular resolution optical and electrophysiological recording techniques combined with pharmacogenetic and optogenetic interventions to investigate these evolutionarily ancient brain mechanisms.

Further information

Dr Karnani's research profile can be viewed here.

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