Biomedical Sciences

Dr Dawn Livingston is CMVM Teacher of the Year! 

Congratulations to Dr Dawn Livingston, Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, who won the 2024 College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Teacher of the Year at the recent EUSA Teaching Awards. 

Dr Dawn Livingstone holding her Teacher of the Year award

The awards are run by Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA).  This year they received over 1,800 nominations, all of which were reviewed by EUSA’s Sabbatical Officers and a group of nearly 100 student volunteers.  

The awards team said Dawn stands out for her unwavering support and approachability – by taking time to get to know her students, Dawn fosters positive lecture environments, tutorials and labs. Amongst many wonderful comments, her students highlighted her understanding of the day-to-day lifestyle of a student in 2024, her active encouragement of feedback and ability to create a supportive space that has led to more engagement, questions and discussion.


There is something truly special about receiving a nomination for a EUSA teaching award, as it means a student has taken time out of their busy life to acknowledge the work that goes on behind the scenes of their learning journey.  Being shortlisted, and then winning, the “Teacher Of The Year” for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine was a complete surprise and is absolutely delightful! However, the award really reflects the efforts of a whole team of people including our administrators, student advisors, teaching laboratory technicians, tutors, demonstrators and lecturers, who are all committed to giving our students in Biomedical Sciences the best experience possible!

Dr Dawn Livingstone - CMVM Teacher of the Year


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