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COVID-19 research grants awarded to Welburn lab

Congratulations to Professor Sue Welburn and her team who have been awarded two grants in relation to COVID-19 research.

1. 'Molecular, clinical and socio-epidemiological analyses of 2019 nCoV for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools.' will be funded by Zhejiang University

The project focusses on Serological studies for the development of 2019-nCoV diagnostics and vaccine development and Identification of nCoV inhibitors and potential anti-viral drugs by genome-wide siRNA and CRISPR screens for host factors affecting viral replication


2. 'UoE-ZJU Network to Track Pandemic Policy and Response: Governance of COVID-19 in Asia and Africa.' will receive support from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF UoE)

This is a knowledge sharing network of clinicians, epidemiologists, social scientists and others working in UoE and Zhejiang University and LMIC countries in Africa and Asia to strengthen policy analysis for COVID-19. 

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