Biomedical Sciences


BMS staff promotions 2020

Biomedical Sciences is proud to announce the success of 10 colleagues in the latest Academic staff promotions rounds.

Thomas Becker         

UE09 Reader

Dr Beckers staff page

Michael Daw              

UE09 Senior Lecturer

Dr Daw's staff page

Paddy Hadoke           

UE10 Personal Chair

Prof Hadokes staff page

John Mason               

UE10 Personal Chair

Prof Masons staff page

Victoria McCulloch   

UE08 Lecturer

Dr McCullochs staff page

Gracjan Michlewski  

UE09 Reader

Dr Michlewskis staff page

Lyndsay Murray        

UE09 Senior Lecturer

Dr Murrays staff page

Jennifer Paxton         

UE09 Senior Lecturer

Dr Paxtons staff page

Dirk Sieger                

UE09 Senior Lecturer

Dr Siegers staff page

Melanie Stefan          

UE09 Senior Lecturer

Dr Stefans staff page


This is true testament to the outstanding work of these valued colleagues and represents contributions across all areas of BMS activity in Learning & Teaching, research, student engagement and support, knowledge exchange and citizenship.

It is a privilege to work with such enthusiastic, dedicated and collegial individuals who contribute so widely to  the larger BMS family, CMVM and the University of Edinburgh

Prof Mike ShipstonDean, Biomedical Sciences