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Success for Inaugural Anatomy Training Programme

Anatomy@Edinburgh successfully hosted the first ‘One Day Review of Whole Body Anatomy’ as part of a new training programme in Regional Anatomy for Core Surgical Trainees.

The faculty from Anatomy@Edinburgh (Mr Ross Jones, Mr Jeremy Mortimer and Prof Tom Gillingwater) were joined by 25 Core Surgical Trainees from across Scotland for an interactive, hands-on practical review of clinical/surgical anatomy in a small group setting.

Subsequent days will see the complete cohort of trainees (approximately 90 in total) rotate through similar reviews of limb, trunk and head & neck anatomy, with an emphasis on the three-dimensional appreciation of anatomical structure and relationships underpinning physical diagnosis and safe surgery.

The Scotland Deanery is responsible for managing postgraduate medical training (including surgical training) across the four Scottish regions, in line with the requirements of the General Medical Council. Based in the Edinburgh Medical School, Anatomy@Edinburgh is an integral part of Biomedical Sciences and the Biomedical Teaching Organisation, and is responsible for the delivery of anatomical teaching across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and professional courses.

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