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‘Anatomicum’ – Dr Jennifer Paxton publishes new anatomy book

A new anatomy book describing the wonder and beauty of the human body has been published by Big Picture Press as part of the ‘Welcome to the Museum’ series, and in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection.


Images of dr Paxton signing copies of her new 'Anatomicum' book

Anatomicum, written by University of Edinburgh Lecturer in Anatomy, Dr Jennifer Paxton and beautifully illustrated by Katy Wiedemann, takes the reader on an exciting journey through the Museum of Anatomy, exploring the body systems and organs in wonderful detail.

Jennifer attended a sell-out event at the Wellcome Collection, London on the 12th September where she spoke about her inspiration for Anatomicum and the process of writing a text for the public.

Anatomicum is released on general sale from the 19th September.


Further information

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