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Global Health

The Global Health Academy aims to improve global health and make life better through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and resource development.

images of our Global health communities

The Global Health Academy’s key objectives are to:

  • offer world leading interdisciplinary postgraduate degrees to help combat global health challenges
  • engage in global collaborative research to make life better
  • participate and lead in the creation of global health networks and partnerships

We will also act as a forum for encouraging the sharing of best practice ideas, processes and information.



Our interdisciplinary postgraduate training will offer a wide range of flexible programmes and courses using both conventional and online teaching methods.

Shorter courses will support the continuing professional development of health professionals around the world.

Working with our key partners, we will also promote collaborative postgraduate teaching.


We will develop global networks and innovative research opportunities with partner institutions.

Our research will explore and create pathways to translate scientific advances into policy and practice. It will also address social inequalities and the dual burden of disease.


We will develop innovative opportunities between the University and partner institutions around the world. These will enhance both our research and teaching.

We will also facilitate other UK-wide and global research groups wishing to create health networks.

Another key aim is to facilitate the long-term development of our partner universities in the global South. We will promote institutional capacity building and advocate for community engagement in global health.

Communities of practice

We will build supportive global communities of practice for everyone who wants to contribute to solving global health issues.

These communities will encourage innovation in practice and skills development, and offer support for isolated researchers and practitioners.

Equality and justice

We will also advocate for the understanding and development of the capacity to stand up for human rights within all study and mentoring relationships.

Gender parity and sensitivity will be a priority in learning environments and teaching materials.

Further information:

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