A list of our associated research groups and their research area.



Research Area

Busch, Emanuel Physiology and genetics of sensory neural circuits in C. elegans
Cousin, Michael Presynaptic Cell Biology
Davies, Jamie Organogenesis, synthetic biology, databases
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex
Denholm, Barry Organ development and physiology
Duguid, Ian Neural basis of motor control
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling
Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia
Fotaki, Vassiliki Eye development and ocular disorders
Gillingwater, Tom New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
Gkogkas, Christos Translational control in neuropsychiatric diseases
Hall, Andrew Chondrocytes, cartilage and osteoarthritis
Hardingham, Giles Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS
Jackson, Mandy Purkinje cell dysfunction and degeneration
Jarman, Andrew Developmental control of sensory neurogenesis and ciliogenesis
Kind, Peter Disorders of Brain Development
Leng, Gareth Physiology of neuroendocrine networks
Le Tissier, Paul Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland
Ludwig, Mike Neuropeptides and their effects on behaviour
Maciver, Sutherland The protein Actin and the biology of amoebae
Mason, John Embryonic development of the forebrain
Mitchell, Rory Receptor-mediated signal transduction
Murray, Joanne Growth and development of the ovarian follicle
Murray, Lyndsay Degeneration of motor neurons
Nolan, Matthew Neural circuits and computation
Osterweil, Emily mRNA translation and synaptic connections
Paxton, Jennifer Musculoskeletal tissue engineering
Pennetta, Guisy Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases
Pratt, Tom Roles of carbohydrates in the developing brain
Price, David How brains are made
Ribchester, Richard Plasticity of neuromuscular synapses
Romano, Nicola Single cell information processing in the pituitary
Rochefort Nathalie Neuronal processing of visual information
Shipston, Mike Ion channel physiology
Skehel, Paul Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Spears, Norah Female reproductive development
Telfer, Evelyn Follicle and oocyte development
Theil, Thomas Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain
West, John Maintenance of the corneal epithelium
Wiegand, Rolly Visualisation of vesicle trafficking
Wyllie, David Physiology and pharmacology of ion channels
Iris, Oren CCNS
Tara Spires-Jones