About us

IMPACT (Image Analysis, Multi-Photon and Confocal Technologies) is a multi-user optical microscopy facility of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences (CDBS) in the Edinburgh Medical School : Biomedical Sciences.

Our aim is to provide high quality imaging equipment and support for the biomedical and life science research community in Edinburgh.

At present the facility hosts a Nikon A1R confocal system with a Fluorescence life time imaging module, two Zeiss confocal systems  (LSM800 with Airy scan and LSM 510 with optional two-photon imaging capability), Olympus total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscope and epi-fluorescence microscopes.

The IMPACT facility also has a dedicated computer suite with the following software packages for image analysis: Huygens, Imaris, Volocity, Matlab, Zen Blue, NIS Elements and Image J/Fiji.

There are two facility staff within IMPACT who are available to help with experimental planning, microscope training,  image processing and data analysis.

IMPACT provides imaging and image analysis support for students and researchers from within the University of Edinburgh and is also available to external users.


IMPACT Imaging facility is supported by:

Our location

The IMPACT facility is located in the Hugh Robson Building, 15 George Square.