Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Personal Tutors

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate students within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences. Throughout your time at Edinburgh your Personal Tutor and the BMTO Student Support Team are available to provide you with help and guidance.

How we're organised

How our system of personal tutor support is structured at the BMTO.

What to expect

Our Personal Tutors and students have a professional relationship, and understanding our mutual roles and responsibilities helps us to get the most out of our time together.

Key contacts

Your personal tutor, your senior personal tutor, and the BMTO student support team, as well as guidance on how to change your personal tutor.

How our meetings work

To enable us to deliver the beneficial outcomes of the Personal Tutor system you will attend individual meetings with your Personal Tutor and other staff. Group meetings will be embedded in core courses or arranged for specific groups of students.

How to arrange and record meetings

Personal Tutors are responsible for notifying you of the arrangements for scheduled meetings.

Other sources of support

Peer Support activities are also available to support you and we would encourage you to get involved with these as they’re a great way to engage with other students.