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You can feed back in a number of ways to us, and in turn we do our best to listen and to implement real change. We can also help you to lift your voice through a variety of channels.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

Dignity and respect policy

Interview with IfeOluwa Taiwo

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IfeOluwa Taiwo, recently elected Undergraduate Convenor for Biomedical Sciences, tells us what she hopes to achieve in the 2019/20 academic year.

How student feedback works

Ensuring the standards of teaching and assessment is a vital task throughout the University. Within Biomedical Sciences, overseeing this is the responsibility of the Deanery Quality and Enhancement Committee.

Student representation

Student representation allows you to feed back at a local and wider level to the University, helping to continually improve your academic experience.

You said, we did

Your feedback is critical to implementing real change. We gather regular requests for change from our students, and wherever possible, we use this to develop what we do to make the experience of future students better.

Academic feedback and assessment

Student feedback
Feedback plays a vital role in sustaining excellence in teaching and learning across all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Feed back to us

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We very much welcome hearing your views on how your course can be improved, and we'll do our best to implement your suggestions in the current or following academic year. The following pages tell you how to feed back to us.

Get stuck in

Student leaders with the Impact award 2017
Become a leader in your community.

Queries or concerns

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The University is committed to maintaining an effective procedure to allow all members to communicate concerns.