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International students and Tier 4 Visa guidance

As a Tier 4 student, the University of Edinburgh is the sponsor of your UK visa.

Our responsibilities

The University has a number of legal duties to manage our sponsorship of your visa.

  • We monitor your attendance on your programme.
  • We report to the Home Office where you suspend or withdraw from your studies, complete them early, fail to register or are repeatedly absent to the point of being excluded from studies.

Your responsibilities

As a student with a Tier 4 visa sponsored by the University of Edinburgh, the terms of your visa require you to, (amongst others):

  • Ensure you have a correct and valid visa for studying at the University of Edinburgh, which, if a Tier 4 visa, requires that it is a visa sponsored by the University of Edinburgh;
  • Attend all of your University classes, lectures, tutorials, etc where required. This includes participating in the requirements of your course including submitting assignments, attending meetings with tutors and attending examinations. If you cannot attend due to illness, for example, you must inform your Personal Tutor and the Programme Administrator. This includes attending Tier 4 Census sessions when required throughout the academic session.

Please note that any email relating to your Tier 4 sponsorship, including census dates and times, will be sent to your University email address – you should therefore check this regularly.

Projects or placements

When participating in a project or other placement we expect you to be on your project full-time and you should maintain good communication with your supervisor.

Students who are required to leave University locations for any reason, including projects or placements, should complete a Leave of Absence form in conjunction with their Supervisor and Programme Director including a timeline of communication points.  These will be monitored and used as attendance checkpoints.

Full terms and conditions

Further details on the terms and conditions of your Tier 4 visa can be found on the Student Immigration Service website.

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions

Need advice?

Information or advice about your Tier 4 immigration status can be obtained by contacting the Student Immigration Service.

Student Immigration Service

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