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Attendance monitoring: managed migration

Our policy on managed migration and attendance monitoring for Tier 4 students within the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences.


The UK Visas & Immigration (UKV&I) requires sponsors of Tier 4 students to report on absences of such students. In addition to reporting on students who fail to matriculate at the start of their year of study, the UKV&I requires sponsors to report on students who are absent at designated contact points throughout their year of study.

The introduction of the Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) category of sponsor has resulted in amendments to the UKV&I guidance on requirements for reporting of students who are absent. Sponsors who hold HTS status, such as the University of Edinburgh, may now elect to undertake (at least) two further “re-registrations”, termed “attendance events”, during the academic year. (HTS sponsors will still have to report non-matriculation and withdrawal within 10 days.)

The University revised its procedures to be consistent with the new UKV&I guidance in Academic Year 2011-12. There is currently no indication that these procedures have changed for the coming Academic Year. Student Administration has to physically see all Tier 4 undergraduate students at 2 points in the year. These meetings will occur in;

Week 5 Semester 1

Week 5 Semester 2

Student Administration should inform the relevant students of specific arrangements when they have been finalised.

Student Administration will also monitor and record exam attendance for all Tier 4 students in the December, May and August exam diets

Contact points for Biomedical and Medical Sciences Students

In addition to this centrally organised Tier 4 visa student monitoring, the BMTO monitors the engagement of all students on the Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences programmes at all compulsory teaching sessions. Students who do not attend compulsory sessions will be asked to attend the BMTO reception and provide an explanation for their absence. Missing classes will have academic consequences for the student so this information is made available to Personal Tutors to fully support the broader Personal Tutor remit of academic and pastoral student support.

Students will be informed of contact points via the BMTO website and/or by email.

What will we use this information for?

Tier 4 Visa students

If any tier 4 student misses a contact point the BMTO will contact the student requesting an explanation for the missed contact point from the student. The response to this enquiry will be noted and other attendance, submission or meeting records will be checked to ascertain if the student is still attending.

If a tier 4 student misses 2 consecutive contact points without explanation, the BMTO will inform College Office in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine about the specific circumstances. College Office will be responsible for onward reporting to Student Administration where appropriate.

Non-Tier 4 Visa students

In relation to the legal requirements of the UKV&I, the absence of a non-tier 4 visa student from any contact point has no significance. Nevertheless, an explanation for two consecutive absences will be pursued by the BMTO. It is important to note, however, that contact points have been selected because they already require the attendance of all students (e.g. examinations, assessment submissions, confirmation of attendance). Thus, absence from them will result in the consequences that currently exist for all students (e.g. penalty for late submission of work, failure of exam etc.).

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