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Examinations and course assessment

Examinations and other course assessment guidelines for undergraduate study.

Assessment regulations

Undergraduate assessment regulations can be found on the University's Academic Services website.

Undergraduate assessment regulations

Requirements to pass your courses

Most courses use a combination of in-course assessment and degree examination to arrive at the final mark for the course. Details can be found in the individual course books and on Learn, but there are some general rules covering courses run by the BMTO and BTO.

The degree examination

The degree examination is the major mechanism for assessing your progress and recording your mark for a course.

Retaking assessments as 'Examination only'

If you fail the exam in August and need to “carry” it into the following year, your Personal Tutor may register you for this as “Examination only”.


Regulations on resits.

Examination grades

Examination grading according to the University's Common Marking Scheme.

Failing an examination

What happens if you fail an examination?