Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Absence and illness

Our policy on absence and illness for undergraduate students.

The BMTO and the University expect full engagement with all degree programme teaching and learning activities by all students (lectures, practical classes, tutorials and other formal course components). Attendance on some courses is checked routinely. On others it is checked periodically. It is your responsibility to sign in to practical and tutorial sessions when necessary. You are also obliged to complete any set assignments (essays, reports, etc.) by the date given in the course book. If you fail to hand in your work by the given dates mark penalties will be imposed. If your attendance is poor, you also run the risk of failing to pass the course.

Therefore, failure to attend regularly has serious consequences because you may have to repeat a year or part of a year, taking extra courses before you can graduate.

If you're absent for more than seven days

If you are absent from classes for more than 7 days, through prolonged illness or for personal reasons, then you must inform your Personal Tutor and, if you wish to submit special circumstances documentation, obtain a medical or other certificate as supporting evidence. You MUST always do this if you cannot attend an examination or complete an assessment. In any case it is always best to email your Personal Tutor to keep them up to date; they may be required to confirm your absence at a later date and cannot do so unless you keep them informed.

Special Circumstances

Some courses may ask you to log your absence on the course virtual learning environment (VLE; Learn). Look out for relevant instructions in the course books.

Late coursework submission

If you are late in submitting a course assignment, submit it as soon as possible after the deadline.

Late coursework submission

Absence for medical reasons

If you miss an examination or other assessment, or were absent for 7 days or more for medical reasons you MUST obtain a medical certificate from your doctor, and give this to your Personal Tutor. Your Personal Tutor will complete a special circumstances form that will be used by the Board of Examiners when considering your performance in the course.