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Teaching award comments

Every year, students nominate teachers, support staff, personal tutors and other individuals for the annual Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Awards.

The following comments were made anonymously in support of nominations and are published with thanks to the Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Awards.

Edinburgh University Students' Association Teaching Awards

Best course award

Nominations for Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Medical Sciences 1, Clinical Biochemistry and Endocrinology 3, Antibiotic Crisis, Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Anatomy and Pathology 2, and Medical Biology 1.

Best feedback award

Nominations for Dr Peter Flatman and Dr John Mason.

Best overall teacher award

Nominations for Prof Catherina Becker, Dr Celine Caquineau, Prof Jamie Davies, Prof Gordon Findlater, Prof Tom Freeman, Prof Tom Gillingwater, Dr Gillian Gray, Dr Philip Larkman, Dr Heather McQueen, Dr Henry Olverman, Dr Kim Picozzi, Dr Simon Riley, Dr Kevin Robertson, and Dr Thomas Theil.

Best Personal Tutor Award

Nominations for Prof Michael Cousin, Dr Peter Flatman, Dr Patrick Hadoke, Dr Andrew Hall, Prof Gareth Leng, Dr Dawn Livingstone, Dr Sharron Ogle, Prof Richard Ribchester, Dr Thamarai Schneiders, Dr Martin Simmen, Dr Tim Squires, Dr Jane Taylor, and Prof Susan Welburn.

Best research or dissertation supervisor award

Nominations for Sarah Greenwood, Dr Crispin Jordan, Prof Matt Nolan, and Dr Melanie Stefan.

Best support staff award

Nominations for Lisa Ketchion and Tracy Noden.