Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Undergraduate Student Representative

Meet Liza Larionova, your undergraduate Student Representative for 2023-24.

Liza Larionova is your elected Undergraduate Student Representative for the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences. If you have any concerns or suggestions about teaching, the curriculum, or the community at the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences, Liza is here to represent you. 

Welcome from Liza

Hi, my name is Liza, and I am an international student specialising in Pharmacology.  I am going into my fourth year of Biomedical Sciences and have been collaborating closely with the Teaching Organisation since my first year at Edinburgh, providing relevant help and support to students across the Deanery. If you or any of your fellow students have a concern regarding teaching, assessment, timetabling or overall course delivery, I remain at your disposal to discuss academic matters and provide an appropriate response to your comments

Get in touch


Teams: Liza Larionova/s2020391

You are welcome to request an in-person meeting with Liza on campus. 

Liza's key priorities

  • Advertising improved materials and resources for exam preparations to the BMTO;
  • Taking action to limit the number of deadlines per week across the selected courses for Honours students;
  • Arranging further details and model answers (where appropriate) on assessments and examinations across all courses.