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Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct is any type of cheating which occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise.

This includes plagiarism, collusion, falsification, deceit, cheating and personation. The University takes all reported incidences of academic misconduct seriously and seeks to ensure that they are dealt with efficiently and appropriately.

Academic Services

Academic Services offers guidance on all aspects of academic misconduct.

Academic misconduct


Academic Advisers

The Edinburgh University Students' Association understand that being suspected of plagiarism or cheating can be an intimidating experience for anyone, regardless your individual situation. Their Academic Advisers can offer guidance and support throughout what can be quite a stressful process.

Get in touch with an Academic Adviser from the Edinburgh University Students' Association to get support

Institute for Academic Development on good academic practice

The IAD provides guidance and factsheets on understanding academic good practice, using sources and referencing, and avoiding some common forms of academic misconduct.

Undergraduates: good academic practice

Postgraduates: meeting academic standards


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