Biomedical Teaching Organisation


If you blog, we can use our channels to give you a platform.

We love a good student story in any form, including but not limited to:

Making stuff

Do you make art? We want to put it on our walls. Do you make films or take photographs? We can lend you equipment. Do you write? We'll help you get your words wherever they want to go.


No matter what platform you use or language you blog in, we'd like to share it. We're thinking outside the Western model of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. If you're blogging on an international platform, let us know. Just send us your blog.

Some good student blogs, just to get you thinking:

Student stories from across the University - look out for Baber and Edem

Postgraduate blogs from across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Social media

We can also help you to promote a society event or support group.




Plasma screen

We've got a plasma screen outside the Anatomy Theatre and in the Doorway 3 Student Common Room. If you're campaigning for an election and would like to put your poster up, send it and we'll pop it up for all to see.

While you're here: what else would you like to see on your screens?

Contacting us

Email if you'd like to borrow equipment, share your stories, or make a suggestion for how we can make your digital and physical spaces better.