Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Career & study opportunities

Study overseas, plan for your career, and brush up your study skills.

Scholarships to support summer research placements

The Deanery of Biomedical Sciences (DBMS) has established a scholarship scheme to support students who want to gain experience by pursuing a research placement in the Deanery over the summer vacation.

Career development

Students from our programmes enter a wide range of professions including research, public engagement and industry.

Develop your study skills

Find support to keep your study skills sharp.

Student exchanges

Students studying in the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences can spend one year of their undergraduate studies at a University abroad. This is an excellent opportunity to experience living and studying in another part of the world.

Peer-assisted learning

At the University of Edinburgh, more experienced students support newcomers in their transition to university and beyond, while our award-winning Academic Families scheme helps you adapt to university life and study.

Postgraduate funding

We appreciate that funding your studies can be stressful, and knowing where to search for sources of funding is difficult. Here we hope to bring together guidance and resources from across the University.