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Postgraduate Online: Short Coursework Extensions

If you are having difficulties that are affecting your studies, you should discuss your situation with your Student Adviser (SA).

Your Student Adviser will be able to advise you on your individual circumstances, and guide you through the process of submitting an application for an extension or special circumstances as appropriate.  

Student Advisers and Student Support Team

To contact Postgraduate Student Support, please email:

Plan your time

We expect our students to plan and organise their time accordingly (including contingency time) to manage multiple deadlines, other commitments e.g. part-time jobs, and possible IT problems.

Late submission of coursework

All in course assessment deadlines are published in course/programme booklets. It is important that students familiarise themselves with these deadlines and plan ahead.  All assessed work must be submitted by the given deadline.

If a short term acute event means you know you won’t be able to submit a written assessment on time, or if you have a relevant Learning Adjustment, you can apply for a short extension in advance of the coursework deadline.

Please note all coursework submitted to the BMTO is date and time stamped. There is no period of grace. If work is submitted at any point after the time specified, then it will be treated as late.

Coursework submitted after the deadline will be subject to a late submission penalty in accordance with the University Taught Assessment Regulation 28, which states:

Students need to submit assessed coursework by the published deadline.  Where the student provides a good reason for late submission, Schools will consider accepting late submission of up to seven calendar days without exacting a penalty...late submission penalty is a reduction of the mark by 5% of the maximum obtainable mark per calendar day (e.g. a mark of 65% on the common marking scale would be reduced to 60% up to 24 hours later.)  This applies for up to seven calendar days (or to the time when feedback is given, if this is sooner), after which a mark of zero will be given.

See section 28.6 of Taught Assessment Regulations for more information about circumstances in which an extension is likely to be considered appropriate.

Taught Assessment Regulations 

Short coursework extensions

If circumstances beyond your control influence your ability to submit coursework on time, you can submit a request for an extension to the deadline.

For all BMTO online programmes this is a maximum of seven calendar days - for individual written assessments.

We strongly advise that you seek advice from your Student Adviser (SA) or Supervisor prior to requesting an extension. Please note some assessments do not permit extensions or may differ from the BMTO standard seven calendar days. Where this is the case it will be detailed in the course or programme booklet. 

If you have a Learning Adjustment you must also apply for an extension each time you are unable to meet the set deadline. This is also a maximum of seven calendar days for all postgraduate online BMTO courses. If you have a learning adjustment that might allow extensions longer than seven days, you should contact your course organiser to check whether your extension duration can be accommodated.

When considering an extension request the following must be noted:

  • Extension requests can be submitted for individual written assessments only.
  • If other forms of in-course assessment have been impacted by mitigating circumstances beyond your control (e.g. oral presentations or any form of group work) then you should contact your Personal Tutor, Student Advisor, Supervisor, or Student Support team to discuss a Special Circumstances submission.
Special Circumstances

Extensions cannot be considered after the deadline has passed. In this situation, a Special Circumstances application should be submitted.

Where circumstances beyond your control have a longer term impact on your ability to complete work on time, and a seven-day extension is insufficient mitigation, you can still apply for special circumstances for these assessments.

Please contact your Personal Tutor, Student Advisor, Supervisor or BMTO Student Support team to discuss submitting a Special Circumstances form.

Extensions explained

Applying for an Extension

If you are having difficulties, we strongly recommend that you discuss your situation with your Personal Tutor (PT), Student Advisor (SA), Supervisor, or Student Support team in the first instance. 

When applying for a coursework extension, you must submit an application to the Extension and Special Circumstances (ESC) team as soon as you become aware of circumstances affecting your studies. You will be able to submit an extension request two weeks before your assignment deadline. Applications submitted after your assignment deadlines will not be considered.

How to apply for coursework extensions or special circumstances

The ESC team aim to respond to applications within two working days.

  • This will allow you to apply for a single coursework extension, or to select several assignments across different courses, all in one application;
  • You will be able to submit several applications throughout the academic year;
  • The process of applying for Learning Adjustments remains unchanged- continue to use an online form to apply.

The ESC team is part of Student Systems & Administration based in the Old College. They are responsible for processing extensions and special circumstances applications for all taught students across the University.

The ESC team will be able to answer any questions relating to your application. Please note that you should always contact your  Student Adviser (SA) or Supervisor to discuss your individual circumstances.

Contact the ESC Team

If applying for an extension for a 2020/21, 2021/22 or 2022/23 course, please complete the attached application form and email it to the ESC team at