Biomedical Teaching Organisation

Mental health and wellbeing support

While university life is full of exciting opportunities, it can sometimes be an overwhelming time. Here you can find information to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

In addition to the BMTO Student Support Team, there are a range of support services to guide you through your university journey, and help to support your wellbeing. These include:


  • Wellbeing Advisers that you can contact yourself or through your Student Adviser

Wellbeing Advisers

  • Wellbeing activities in Schools and Deaneries
  • Our Chaplaincy, for all faiths or none, offer The Listening Service 24/7 365 days a year for confidential caring conversations as well as Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai-Chi, PhD bookclub, Writing and Doodling workshops


  • Drop-in groups such as Skills for Life and Learning run by Student Counselling, IAD study skills, Disability support groups and Comfort Cafes

Skills for Life and Learning

IAD Study Skills

Disability Support Groups

  • Keeping active through our Feel Good Walks, Just Play Sport Sessions, and through the various offering of our Sport & Exercise team, including the Pleasance gym, St Leonards Land swimming pool, sports teams, clubs and the Sports Union

Feel good walks

Just Play sport sessions

Sport and Exercise team

Sports Union

  • Residence Life provide wellness support for those in University accommodation

Residence Life

  • Student Counselling Service offer short-term counselling 

Student Counselling Service

  • Disability & Learning Support Service for learning adjustments, mentoring and other specialist support

Disability and Learning Support Service

  • The Advice Place for independent support and The Student’s Association for student societies, peer support, Nightline and Let’s Talk campaign & events

The Advice Place

It is important that you come forward and ask for help as early as possible. If you are not sure what to do, please contact your Student Adviser or supervisor as the first step.