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International students and Tier 4 / Student Visa guidance

If you are currently sponsored on a Tier 4 / Student Visa or under the Student Route visa or have been issued a CAS in order to apply for a new visa, you are responsible for ensuring that you abide by the conditions of your sponsorship. 

It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the rights, responsibilities, and restrictions your visa imposes on you, even when you are not physically in the UK.

You have the responsibility for:

  • Keeping the University up to date with your contact details including your location and method of study.
  • Providing the University with a copy of your most up to date visa or Biometric residence permit
  • Registering with the police (if you have to do so)
  • Seeking advice in a timely fashion if you make any changes to your studies including, for example, the mode of study or changing you programme
  • Seeking advice if  your personal circumstances change
  • Ensuring you leave the UK or apply to extend your stay before the expiry date of your visa
  • Engaging with all classes, lectures and seminars, or if you are a research student, engaging regularly with your supervisor whether that is in person or remotely
    • If you cannot engage for any reason, you must inform your School or supervisor, and get permission for your absence


Independent support and advice is available from the Students’ Association Advice Place.

Information or advice about your Tier 4 immigration status can be obtained by contacting the Student Immigration Service.

Rights and Responsibilities 

Students' Association Advice Place  or email:  

Student Immigration Service